About Me

I have been an animal lover since I can remember.  My parents indulged my sister and me with a wide array of pets and the responsibilities that come with them.  I am forever grateful for them.  My grandparents lived on a ranch with horses and I couldn't wait each year to visit them in summer and just "be" with the horses.  Little girls and horses is a mysterious bond like no other.

My husband and I are pet parents of dogs, barn cats, horses, chickens, goats, sheep and mini donkeys.  As I have always been passionate about animals and art, mixing the two seemed like the perfect fit.   

We are ardent supporters of animal rescues and shelters.  I also donate gift certificates for charity events, fundraisers benefitting shelter and rescue animals, local schools and FFAs.  

Every horse, dog and cat in our family came from rescue situations, some abuse cases.  I have had pets all of my life and I remember each and every one.  None was like the other and their memories never fade from my mind or heart.

This "gig" started quite by accident.  I painted our ranch's water tank with a Portuguese rooster (Gallo de Barcelos) and a friend saw it posted on my Facebook page.  I saw her later that day at our Easter celebration and she asked if I could paint her dog "Boo" and I said I'd give it a go.  Well, it really all snowballed from there.  I posted "Boo" to my Facebook and started receiving requests from friends which became requests from friends of friends, etc.  I am having a ball painting these portraits and hearing the joy they bring to my clients and gift receipients.  The income from them has afforded us the opportunity to take in two neglected and abused horses from FHAS and give back to area shelters and rescues.

Dumbledore ("Dumble") is a elderly sorrel Thoroughbred gelding (below) who came to us from Fresno Humane Animal Services.  He was severely emaciated, abused and abandoned.  He is the friendliest horse we have ever met.  We cannot imagine our life without him.  Although he remains incontinent, he has recovered fully and is thriving.  

*Correction to the news story - we are located in Madera Ranchos and the donations were not for food but for additional stalls to house Dumbledore and other large animals in need.  

After Dumble and the generous donations of many kind hearted souls, we were able to again answer the call from Fresno Humane Animal Services and rescued an abandoned, underweight bay Quarter Horse mare we named Otter (picture to the right) who had an extremely large degloving wound on her hip/leg.  Otter is now fully recovered from her wounds.  

Both Otter and Dumbledore are now thriving. We are very grateful for all of our blessings.