Kate Freitas Art

Memorialize a beloved pet with a hand painted work of art created just for YOU

Commissioned-based watercolor artist located in Central California specializing in animal portraiture from photographs.  

Various size hand painted portraits using quality paints and paper.  

a percentage of all revenue is donated to local animal shelters and rescues in the Central Valley of California and used to foster/adopt abused/neglected animals.

Dumbledore ("Dumble") is an elderly sorrel Thoroughbred gelding who came to us from Fresno Humane Animal Services.  He was emaciated, abused and abandoned.  He is the friendliest horse we have ever met.  We cannot imagine our life without him.  Although he remains incontinent, he has otherwise recovered fully and is thriving.  *Correction to the news story - we are located in Madera Ranchos and the donations were not for food but for additional stalls to house Dumbledore and other large animals in need.  

After Dumble and the generous donations of many kind hearted souls, we were able to again answer the call from Fresno Humane Animal Services and rescued an abandoned, underweight bay Quarter Horse mare we named Otter who had an extremely large degloving wound on her hip/leg.  Otter is now fully recovered from her wounds.  We have also recently brought in an emaciated goat with an eye injury (for which he had removal surgery) we named huggy bear as our other two goats are starsky & hutch (IYKYK).  Huggy Bear even has his own instagram account courtesy of my sister Becky.

Otter, Dumbledore, and huggy bear are now thriving in an environment they desperately needed. We are very grateful for all of our blessings.

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