About Me    

I have been an animal lover since I can remember.  My parents indulged my sister and me with a plethora of pets and the responsibilities that come with them.  I am forever grateful for them.

My husband and I are pet parents of dogs, cats, horses, chickens, goats, sheep and mini donkeys.  As I have always been passionate about animals and art, mixing the two seemed like the perfect fit.   We are ardent supporters of animal rescues and donate a percentage of all revenue to shelters and rescues in our area.  I also donate gift certificates for charity events benefitting shelter animals, local schools and FFAs.  Every horse, dog and cat in our family came from rescue situations, some abuse cases.  I have had pets all of my life and I remember each and every one.  None was like the other and their memories never fade from my mind or heart.

How It Began

This "gig" started quite by accident.  I painted our ranch's water tank with a Portuguese rooster (Gallo de Barcelos) and a friend saw it posted on my Facebook page.  I saw her later that day at our Easter celebration and she asked if I could paint her dog "Boo" and I said I'd give it a go.  Well, it really all snowballed from there.  I posted "Boo" to my Facebook and started receiving requests from friends which became requests from friends of friends, etc.  I am having a ball painting these portraits and hearing the joy they bring to my clients and gift receipients. 

Current Residents of Rancho Freitas

From top left:  Dumbledore (starved/neglected case from Fresno Humane Animal Services); Starsky & Hutch; Levi & Dan; Chickens*

From middle left:  Zelda; Junie & Weezy & A boy named Sue; Button & Levi; Ziti

Bottom:  Otter (Healing up from a huge nasty leg/hip wound.  She came recently also from Fresno Humane Animal Services); Pepe (born 3/30/23 and rejected/orphaned by his mama Button (first time mama with difficult delivery) so being bottle/bucket fed); Frannie "Farmer", Jayne Mans"field", and Ava "Gardner".

*Chickens:  Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, Sophia, Blue, Echo, Delta, Charlie, Auntie P and Colette.  

Not pictured for obvious reasons - two feral cats we rescued from the local county shelter.: Gamora & Nebula.