Kellie R.  - 07/27/23

"She loves it thank you so much.  She cried."

D. - 10/06/2023

To Kris (client):  "Oh my gosh, it is just so so cute, I adore it!!  I'm so glad you went with that smiling face.  The colors are beautiful.  Her eyes are dancing.  Her smile is the best.  Like it way more than on her website.  My absolute treasure.  What an incredible gift, Kris.  Love, love, love it.  Thank you so much."

Lisa S.  - 05/15/23

"I can't thank you enough ... I'm still crying happy tears ... I LOVE the picture of my boy.  You're so talented.  I love you.  So much joy...for never meeting himlll you captured his eyes perfectly!"  

Fiona P. - 04/09/23

"I have to share with you 3 portraits I had done by the amazing Kate Freitas! She doesn’t just paint them, she wants their story and yours ! All 3 were captured perfectly and I know my portrait of Dozer the English Bulldog that passed in September has brought me so much comfort💖 Sierra , little was a sweet soul I had the pleasure of sitting and she recently crossed the rainbow bridge. And then there is Tyson! Tyson was surrendered at the age of 12 by his owner to CCSPCA. Sue Kellercould not get there fast enough to adopt him! The last few months of his life I’m sure we’re his happiest , he was so loved and dearly missed . Kate is an animal advocate and has rescue horses and a newly born mini donkey . She does these portraits to help with their care  and her prices are so ridiculously low! Please check out her website to see all her fabulous work💖💖💖.💖💖🐾🐾"

Callie M. - 04/10/23

"OMG I love it . . . Thank you, you are a fabulous artist (I can’t stop staring at it).  Thank you again."

Allison B. - 


 "I absolutely love it!! You captured her personality and her cuteness. Thank you so much for your hard work."

Kathy - 01/24/22 

"Oh Katie!  It looks so good!  I absolutely love it.  Wow you did it already!  Amazing!  

Tina E. - 12/27/2022

"Got my Roxy's ashes back for Christmas put her next to my beautiful picture Kate Freitas did for me! I sure do miss my Roxy like crazy, but I know she's okay now."

Lorie K. - 02/19/2023

"My daughter loved the painting.  She cried when she got here and opened them.

Danielle H.  - 12/29/2022

"Best gift ever! Thank you Melissa for the thoughtful portrait of my babies. Wonderful work by Kate (you can now post it lol)."

Desiree T. - 01/22/23

"It looks amazing Kate!!!  A sincere thank you!!  Don't be surprised if I come again asking for another one."

Sheryl W. - 12/26/22

"Merry Christmas Kate!  Mom LOVED her picture.  Extra bonus was that it was from you.  Thanks again for doing that!  Sherry Loved her's too.  She can't stop looking at it."

Michelle H. - 12/26/2022

"Thank you Kate for doing an awesome job painting Lisa.  Bailee had tears when she opened it."

Baillee H. - 12/27/2022

"Kate, I absolutely love my portrait. You are so talented and it means more to me than you know Thank you so much for perfectly capturing Lisa! 

Tara C. - 12/14/2022

"I absolutely love my painting so much I purchased a total of 6!  One of my Lily girl and the others are for Christmas gifts!  You did an amazing job Kate!!"

Catherine V. - 12/13/2022

"Thank you Kate Freitas for this adorable portrait of Molly and Bow.

Love this so much!!"

Samantha R. - 12/11/2022

"Your work will bring my brother to tears this Christmas. Thank you again, for your time and talents."

Lorie K. - 12/10/2022

"Oh my gosh!!! I love it!!!! You’re amazing! 

Lorie K. - 12/11/22

"You do amazing work! Thank you so much."

Cindy G. - 11/16/2022

"Thank you, these are my grand-puppies & they do know me as Grandma.  My daughter & son-in-law will love this when I give it to them for Christmas.  Thank you, you do such great work."

Ciara A. - 11/15/2022

"Oh my gawsh Kate! That came out so great!!! You are so talented!! Thank you."

Cindy G.  - 10/28/2022

"I love the portrait & I know my husband will too.

Cynthia O.  - 10/01/2022

"These are magnificent!!!  The way you captured the pug's eyes is Perfect.  He is old n blind now but you brought that spunk back.  I am so very thankful!!!" 

Winston K. - 06/24/2022

"I'd like to thank my friend Kate Freitas for the absolute amazing paintings of my kids.   Fletcher-Daisy-Lili-Bella-Eli."

Robin R.  - 06/28/2022

"My dear friend, Linda, has a heart of gold, especially when it comes to animals.  This year for her birthday I had the opportunity to give her my new favorite thing, a Kate Freitas original painting!  This is of Maggie!  A sweet baby girl Linda rescued, who will forever be in her heart!" 

Elmer R.  - 06/27/2022

"Kate Freitas, thank you so much for the portrait of Lulu and Babs!  This is beautiful!  I love how you captured their eyes.  I will treasure this always." 

Desiree T. - 08/09/2022

"My dogs are my everything! I wanted something different on my walls instead of a photograph. When I saw Kate was doing pet portraits I contacted her right away. She quickly responded and I told her what I wanted. The painting exceeded my expectations, it was beautiful. I still get emotional looking at it. She captured each of their personalities. You will love and cherish a pet portrait from Kate. "  

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